26 January 2008

Last Friday was the last class for Science & the Public by Leen Dorsman. Unfortunately only a few of us were present, but that didn't matter. Dirk and I got some extra feedback on our work (and we got extension to Monday to submit the essays!). It was actually quite funny, because Dirk managed to pick a topic in which the element of 'public' seems to be absent. Science & the Public was a fun course, and I believe Koen will do more courses on this topic on exchange.

Anyway, at this point this blog has 5 authors, but there is only me posting. So, everyone, start posting too! Not that I want to force you to do anything you don't want to do, but if it feels that way, good! ;)

This Monday is also the last class of History of the Biomedical Studies. Hopefully I've finished the last reading report by then. My essay will be about museums. And so, I've visited the Museum on Veterinary Medicine in their faculty, and it was quite an experience! I'll post about it later.


Chunk said...

i miss it already; truly a great loss, the end of Sci-Pub.
i've created a commemorative shrine at www.scienceandthepubliceatsbiomedicalsciences forbreakfast.com

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