07 October 2008

An enjoyable read and exciting theory: that the Chinese fleet of the early 15th century would have travelled all the way to Italy and would have ignited the Renaissance. I am halfway now, but no single proof have been offered yet, only more hypotheses.


geoffwade said...

And even if you read it fully, and then backwards and sideways you will find no proof or even suggestive evidence of the 1434 thesis. It is another hoax by Mr Menzies aimed at deceiving the public for private gain.

For a dismissal of the first book, see www.1421exposed.com

Ruben said...

Finished the book a few days ago, and indeed, nothing substantial to support the thesis. The thesis was, I must admit, very exciting when I first read it. But the book fails to answer to historical methodologies: it makes questionable references to "the friends of the website" and the initial assumption makes the whole historical research biased. Nevertheless, many people seem to enjoy the book, as did I.

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