23 August 2009

Museum's are hot these days. At least, debates on Dutch museums keep on going. Sometimes it's about negative news, such as the renovation of the Rijksmuseum of Art and History which continues to take longer and gets more and more expensive, or the National Museum of History in Arnhem of which the content remains a mystery... sometimes it's about good news, such as the Hermitage Amsterdam, a great new museum (built within budget and period), and the Giroloterij Museum Price 2009.

This price of €100,000 will be given to one of the by jury selected museums best able to tell Dutch history to its visitors. The nominees are:
  • Beeld & Geluid experience / Sound and Vision Experience
  • Het Dolhuys
  • Nederlands Openluchtmuseum / Dutch Open Air Museum
  • Het Spoorwegmuseum / Dutch Railway Museum
  • Tropenmuseum
You can vote for the best museum: Museum Prijs 2009.

On the history of the sciences, The Dolhuys is of course the one. On the history of technologies, you can consider Sound & Vision and the Railway Museum. Cultural history is shown in Open Air Museum and Tropenmuseum. Likely winners are Dolhuys, Open Air and Railway Museum. We'll see on 24 September...


Dirk said...

Well, who won? The EBM-essay prize? And the museum prize?

Ruben said...

Het Openluchtmuseum, Open Air Museum, heeft gewonnen.

Jacoline Bouvy heeft de EBM essay prijs gewonnen. Haar essay staat op ublad.nl

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