05 February 2008

Today was the first encounter with bureaucratic troubles concerning my application to go on exchange. First, I got this hostile lady on the phone declaring that I sent my application to the wrong office. I sent it to International Office Humanities Faculty instead of International Office Utrecht University. Second, she stated that the deadline was 15 January, so that I was late anyways.

:S :(

But no worries. Away with all the negativity, look at the bright side: now you guys don't have to make the same mistake! :)

According to the website, the deadline was indeed on January 15. But that was also the day we had our Going Abroad Meeting with Mijnhardt and Blankesteijn. For some reason it would be fine to hand in the application late. And, make sure you send your application to the following address:

Utrecht Universiteit
Studentenservice/International Office
Postbus 80125
3508 TC Utrecht


Ruben said...

Okay, so I have come across more problems: to download the application form, you first need to register online. But since the deadline was Jan. 15, they closed down the website: you can no longer apply online, and no longer fill the application form :S :S

I mailed Annemarieke whether she knows how to fix this...

To be continued

(in the meantime, I guess I try to work on Biomedical paper)

Dirk said...

Shite, I really need to start my run on bureaucracy. Together we can take them, Ruub!

Ruben said...

Yes we can! No matter what! :)

My first attempt might have failed, I just need to copy my passport and ask for a recommendation letter, and then I can try again...

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