06 February 2008

Peter Koolmees, curator and historian of veterinary medicine, was published in the latest edition of Gewina (Vol. 30, 2007, pp.162-174) with his article "Over Koetjes en Kalfjes? De Collectie Diergeneeskunde van het Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht" (lit. "On Cows and Calves? The Veterinary Collection of the University Museum Utrecht"). In this piece, he discusses the development of the veterinary collection and its importance in today's society.

The most important sentence is found on page 85 (167), when he talks about the course 'history of veterinary medicine' in the curriculum of veterinary students: "Onderdeel van het programma is een rondleiding in de Collectie Diergeneeskunde en een demonstratie van oud veterinair instrumentarium. Dit laatste vindt ook plaats in het kader van master 'Historical and Comparative studies of the sciences and Humanities' van het Descartes centrum van de [U]niversiteit Utrecht."

Our new masters programme has officially been published by name!


Vasiliy said...

I am wondering if you know where 'gesprek over koetjes en kalfjes' comes out. I know what it means but I don't know the history behind.
Why these words are used to the meaning it is used?

Thanks in advance.

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